Historical Highlights
The birth of Gethsemane Soul Saving Station took place on August 24, 1975.  HALLELUJAH!

On the 1st Monday of our INTERCESSORY PRAYER MINISTRY, the lord put  HIS SEAL OF APROVAL on it and let us know that we were in HIS DIVINE WILL by filling one of the faithful sisters of the church with the HOLY SPIRIT. Upon being filled, she shared the GOOD NEWS with her husband, who came the following Monday and he received the HOLY SPIRIT.

OUR FIRST FINANCIAL MIRACLE came at the beginning of our ministry. The Lord blessed us to rent our first building on Merrick Blvd. In 1975 and admonished us to BEAUTIFY HIS HOUSE. We shared the message that the Lord had given us with our 7 members and began to pray together that the Lord would SMILE upon us. In about 10 days the Lord MIRACULOUSLY BLESSED US with $8,000.00

The Lord GRACIOUSLY BLESSED US TO BEAUTIFY HIS HOUSE and GRACED US with the privilege of worshipping in our BEAUTIFUL SANCTUARY for about 6 years. In 1981, we were faced with THE UNTHINKABLE, THE UNEXPECTED; AS a great disaster struck our church.
Very early in the morning of March 9th at about 5:00 AM while at work, I was notified by telephone that our church was on fire. Almost everything was destroyed except two metal desk and a few love chairs. In addition to this, we were CONFRONTED ON THE SAME WAY WITH THE MOST DIFFICULT CHALLANGE OF ALL AS THE DEACONS from the HEADQUARTER CHURCH came over to encourage us; and PERSITENTLY TRIED TO PERSUADE US TO RETURN to the Mother church in view of our TRAGIC LOSS.
Thank God for the KNOWLEDGE OF HIS WILL, and because we had a CHARGE TO KEEP AND A GOD TO GLORIFY. We were able to STAND STILL AND SEE THE SALVATION OF THE LORD. Oh how we PRAISE THE LORD FOR HIS DIVINE INTERVENTION as He MIRACOUSLY opened a NEW DOOR in the next block. For the next several months, the excitement continued both supernaturally as well as naturally. Not only did we witness a great outpouring of the holy Spirit, but we also experienced BEING BLACKED OUT;BEING FLOODED OUT AND BEING KICKED OUT. The reason for the kick out was due to the fact that the landlord wasted us to buy the property instead of renting it. However, the Lord had promised to bring us into a Large Land. Therefore, we refused to buy the property. As a result of this, we began to worship in the home. Little did we know that this was going to be the beginning of a VERY DELICATE and DIFFICULT TIME FOR US. Nevertheless, the Lord was GRACIOUSLY WITH US AS HE BLESSED US MIGHTILY AND KEPT US TOGETHER.

OUR MIRACLE OF RECOVERY began to unfold for the GLORY OF GOD IN April 1983. Although Rosedale was the last place we wanted to go due to the RACIAL TENSION; It was the very place GOD HAD PERSERVED FOR US A LARGE LAND FLOWING WITH MILK AND HONEY. {SMILE}

Miraculously the Lord blessed us to find our present building and we went to CONTRACT CLOSING expecting to pay a set amount. Only to have unfold right before our eyes one of the MOST AMAZING MIRACLES that I have ever witnessed as a believer. The agreed upon price was reduced by the amount of $20,000.00 The owner of the property was in desperate need of raising as much money as soon as possible. Thus, they offered to lower the price by that amount if we would put down a large amount.

In addition to this, they agreed to hold the mortgage for the property. MY GOD, what an AWESOME GOD WE SERVE! THE BUILDING OF GOD'S HOUSE WAS A GLORIOUS OPPORTUNITY THAT I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER and cherish as a SERVANT OF GOD.
For the next 9 years, we experienced the JOYS AND SORROWS of going through and enduring as we endeavored to BEAUTIFY THE HOUSE OF GOD. How we thank God that He was with us through it ALL, and enabled us to PERSEVERE in spite of what appeared at times to be INSURMOUTABLE ODDS, until we were blessed to see the fulfillment of the vision. Thus, on February 15, 1992 - the day we had prayed diligently and waited so long for. The day finally arrived when we dedicated